I have to thank Donald Trump. Who's words were the incentive I needed to visit and meet such fantastic people. 

Like many people I find it difficult to describe what I like about a country, a town, a culture. What I do know is that some places have special anomalies that are often unexpected and sometimes only recognizable upon returning to my own town. For instance I was speaking to a friend who's son had spent time in Cuba working with local people on a volunteer basis. His son couldn't get over how physically healthy everyone seemed, and oddly, how people did not suffer from mental illness as they often do in the West. It was his observation with fresh eyes and open mind, and so he talked to the Cubans about it. "Depression, anxiety?...No" they told him. They grew their own food, they worked "hard" they didn't eat processed food -there is none available. Still they have their struggles surely, everyone must. But is it possible that a specific struggle of one culture has been solved by another culture? Is it also possible that the happiness of one culture can be learned and transferred to another? I believe it can.

History gives birth to textures and forms. The subtle textures and unexpected moments of perfect fleeting frame structure are tantalizing to my eye. I believe what I love most about a country, a town, a culture are the people and the personalized sense of place they make their own. Some might see old walls ascue with wires dangling and pavement uneven. To quote the great poet Leonard Cohen "There is a crack in everything. Thats how the light gets in"

What I discovered in Tepoztlan Mexico is that people are as beautiful, as intelligent, as complicated as they are anywhere else I've travelled to. We were invited into houses to share food and share stories, laughter and music. We were invited to meditate to venture into the desert and experience travelling "out of our bodies" with Peyote. I never once heard a television, saw a car going faster then 30km/hr, heard someone yelling at someone else. I did hear stories of people to be aware of. People who float in the dark bushes on the side of the road. People who are desperate and will steal or kidnap or kill. But I only heard about them.

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